We have seen it way too many times; those "armchair experts" that have advice on every topic.  The internet is swimming with them, you know some in real life, you work with them, some may even be members of your family.  Take our word for it, these people can kill your dreams and crush the progress toward your goals if you let them.  But how do you spot these wolves in sheep's clothing?

We are so glad you asked!

Jon With The Beard, from the Beards and Baddies Podcast joins us this week to discuss who these people could be, how to pinpoint them, what their characteristics are, and how to avoid them.  If you can figure out from whom to take your advice from, knowing they are truly experienced experts in their field, the less likely you are to be derailed along your journey.  Would you take advice from professional hockey player about how to be a published writer?  Not likely.

 IMG5739781914266196766.jpg     IMG_20180708_070330_123.jpg     IMG285527175.jpg

The discussion gets both deep and hilarious as we celebrate Peculiar People Day and try to figure out which one of us should be the poster boy for the holiday.  


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Article Links:
Why You Should Be Incredibly Careful About Whom You Take Advice From by Reece Robertson
The Thirteen Boogeymen That Will Wreck Your Wealth And Derail Your Plans by Michael Dinich

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The new year is the time for change.  It is the time to make those resolutions like losing weight, getting a better job, finding love, and saving more money.  But how many of us actually keep those resolutions?  

Take a journey through the 2 Money Guys' New Year's resolutions, how long they normally last, and how they compare with the rest of the nation.  We think you'll be surprised at what the top resolutions were for 2018.

We dissect the article, A Guide To Developing New Year's Resolutions That Actually Work In 4 Steps, from ThinkSaveRetire.com.  The funny thing is, the article made us think about why we make certain resolutions and why we should really be making changes in our lives.

Our good friend Andrea Joy from SavingJoyfully.com joins us to discuss her blog, writing style, social media strategy, and goals.




We would like to thank our sponsor JRC Insurance Group for their incredible support!

JRC works with over 50 top-rated insurance companies to match their clients with the most affordable life insurance options available.

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Whether we want to admit it or not, women still face a wage, opportunity, and investment gap.  Feminism in the workplace has taken on a negative connotation by some, but the idea is one of equality.

We sit down with Tori Dunlap of victorimedia.com, a website dedicated to careers and finance for the millennial woman.  She discusses the tools and strategies she provides to help women negotiate in the workplace as well as how to counteract the wage, opportunity, and investment gaps.


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November 29, 2018

Are You Net Worth It? #005

Your Net Worth.  It has been believed to be the "blood pressure" or vital sign of your financial status.  Do you know what your net worth is?  Do you want to know, or are you afraid to find out?

Robert Rio and guest host Mike Monfredi from MikedUpBlog.com discuss what net worth measures, if it is important, how to calculate net worth, how to track it over time, and what it can tell you about your finances.

We also sit down with a great friend of the show, professional movie and television composer Andrew Markus.  We love Andrew, partly because he composed and created our intro music.  He discusses inspiration, how to visualize clients' requirements, and his film music mentor program.


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Article from PhysicianOnFire.com

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Website: 4Scoreand7Music.com
Youtube Channel

Mike Monfredi:
Website: MikedUpBlog.com
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Success!  What is it?  How do you achieve it?  Is it even worth achieving? What do you do once you achieve it? 

We dive into the keys to success with an article from MillionaireDojo.com. 

We also sit down with award-winning author and podcaster Rhiannon Frater to discuss her successful career. She has written such works as The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel, and the As The World Dies trilogy including The First Days, Fighting To Survive, and Siege.

Success is an elusive and moving target.  You will need to constantly change paths to achieve it, if you ever do.  But how do you know when you achieve success?  What does it feel like?  Do you magically become a different person?

Once you are successful, what do you do?  Do you rest and relax, or do you set another goal to achieve?


Links from the show:

Article: Persistence Is The Key To Success And Wealth

Rhiannon Frater, Website: http://rhiannonfrater.com/
Rhiannon Frater, Twitter: https://twitter.com/RhiannonFrater
Rhiannon Frater, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorrhiannonfrater

Rhiannon's Books:
The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel
The First Days
Fighting To Survive 

Show produced by Steve Stewart


Are you ready to seize an opportunity if it comes your way?  Many of us think we are, but what does being ready to seize an opportunity really mean, and how do you prepare to seize potential opportunities?  How do you create your own opportunities?

We speak with actor John Tague to discuss how he seized the opportunities that presented themselves as well as how he created his own opportunities for obtaining roles.

John has held roles in shows such as Fox’s “Lucifer”, Hulu’s “Light As A Feather”, NBC's "The Blacklist", "CSI: Cyber" On CBS, "General Hospital", and is the lead actor and creator of the multi-award web-series "The Rolling Soldier" which he also directs.

Our weekly article is from 43BlueDoors.com and discusses steps that could help you prepare to seize opportunities from a financial perspective.

We also answer a listener question about whether to pay extra money each month on their mortgage or invest the extra money.


Links from the show:

43BlueDoors.com Article: https://43bluedoors.com/2018/11/04/ready-to-seize-opportunity/

John Tague:
Website: www.johntagueactor.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnjtague
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/johntague 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnjtague/

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Twitter: @Michaeldinich


We speak to actor, director, and filmmaker Gerald Webb about his leap from nightclub DJ to actor and how he conquered his fear in order to do it.  He also talks about social media do's and social media no no's when it comes to your reputation.

Fear can be a paralyzing force that stops you dead in your tracks.  It can prevent you from making choices that could positively affect your life.  

Have you ever thought about changing careers or starting your own business, but were afraid that you would fail for one reason or another?  

The frightening theme continues with an article by Stephanie Taylor Christenson found in Forbes entitled "6 Fear-Driven Money Moves That Sabotage Your Net Worth".

Our listener question deals with someone who is afraid of revealing too much personal financial information to a friend.  We can definitely help there.

All of this terror is happening on this episode of the 2 Money Guys Podcast!



Twitter: @GeraldWebb

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegeraldwebb

Deinstitutionalized Films: https://deinstitutionalizedfilms.com/site/


We discuss the meaning of FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early), our thoughts on Suze Orman's position on FIRE, and is the FIRE lifestyle right for you?.

The FIRE movement has been a hot topic lately, pun intended, and we dive into the pros and cons of the FIRE lifestyle as well as the pitfalls that may arise.  Who is the FIRE lifestyle right for and who is it wrong for?