January 10, 2019

All Advice Is Not Equal (People To Avoid): #008

We have seen it way too many times; those "armchair experts" that have advice on every topic.  The internet is swimming with them, you know some in real life, you work with them, some may even be members of your family.  Take our word for it, these people can kill your dreams and crush the progress toward your goals if you let them.  But how do you spot these wolves in sheep's clothing?

We are so glad you asked!

Jon With The Beard, from the Beards and Baddies Podcast joins us this week to discuss who these people could be, how to pinpoint them, what their characteristics are, and how to avoid them.  If you can figure out from whom to take your advice from, knowing they are truly experienced experts in their field, the less likely you are to be derailed along your journey.  Would you take advice from professional hockey player about how to be a published writer?  Not likely.

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The discussion gets both deep and hilarious as we celebrate Peculiar People Day and try to figure out which one of us should be the poster boy for the holiday.  


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