February 14, 2019

Welcome To The Holodeck (Jim Thalman & Krzysztof Pietroszek): #009

Krzysztof Pietroszek and Jim Thalman are standing at the edge of a moment in history.  They have been creating a "volumetric" film, Vera, also starring Caroline Duncan and Delilah Harvey.

The film is one of the first volumetric fiction films (films that you can walk inside, as in a Holodeck) ever made.  The plotline of the film is that former lovers meet during WWI in a restaurant. One has an unexpected agenda.

Imagining a movie that you can walk into like a holodeck from Star Trek is like a dream come true to sci-fi geeks like us, so you know we had to do an extended interview with these guys.

The technology used in the production of this film, along with the caliber of actor needed to make it happen, is amazing.  With all that goes into it, you will still be able to watch it with budget-friendly equipment.  The makers are truly catering to everyone and making it available to a wide audience.

For more information on Vera, one of the first fictional volumetric films, visit their Facebook or Instagram page.





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