February 21, 2019

Eat The Dead: #010

If you have listened to us at all, you know that we love sci-fi and horror films.  All types of sci-fi and horror films, but we have a soft spot for zombie films.  I guess that's why we love The Asylum so much.  They make so many movies that are right up our alley.

When we met Tye and saw what she was doing over at Eat The Dead, we had to sit down and have a conversation with her.  Not only has she written an episode for one of our favorite zombie series, Z-Nation, but she has been a part of projects such as a few of the Sharknado movies, 28 Days, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sons of Anarchy, and The Shield.


She has taken these talents to the web and created her website, Eat The Dead, where she creates ghoulish, edible creations as well as DIY projects.  Not only does she create them, she shows you how to create them for yourself, step-by-step.  We're not talking silly flies in ice cubes here, these are so realistic and creative they could really be on movies sets.

We get to discuss her site, her experiences on movie and TV sets, her awesome little dog Lucy, and what she did to pass the time during shoots.

Feel free to reach out to Tye via any of her social media platforms including FacebookTwitterInstagram,  and Pinterest!

We also have a big announcement that you will have to listen to the episode to find out.  


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