March 21, 2019

Planning For Tomorrow - Dave Hanley (Founder & CEO of Tomorrow): #014

The thought of dying and what will happen with our children, possessions, and finances is a scary thought.  Unfortunately, it is something that must be addressed and should be addressed sooner rather than later and the legalities and costs may be overwhelming. 

We sit down with Dave Hanley, Founder & CEO of Tomorrow, a company that helps families make long-term financial and legal decisions together for the first time, in an easy-to-use app designed to protect their futures.

Dave is an accomplished CEO, digital entrepreneur, and social advocate.  Prior to founding Tomorrow, Dave founded Banyan Branch, a leading social media marketing agency, which was acquired by Deloitte Digital. Prior to Banyan Branch, Dave was VP of Marketing at Shelfari, the social network for book readers, which he helped grow to more than 2 million members in 18 months, before it was acquired by Amazon.

He also served as Director of Product Management at RealNetworks, where he oversaw the launches of and Rhapsody’s Web services program.

Earlier in his career, Dave worked in economic development with NGOs and banks in Asia and Latin America that were implementing and assessing microcredit programs, including time as a Fulbright scholar. Dave was selected to the prestigious World Economic Forum Young Global Leader program, where he is an active participant and advisor.

Dave is an adoring husband, loving father of four children, adventure traveler, and spirituality seeker. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in public policy from Brigham Young University.

He discusses his state-of-the-art app that saves you time and money on planning your future and exactly what not doing so could cost you in the long run.



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