October 30, 2018

Overcoming Fear - Gerald Webb - #002

We speak to actor, director, and filmmaker Gerald Webb about his leap from nightclub DJ to actor and how he conquered his fear in order to do it.  He also talks about social media do's and social media no no's when it comes to your reputation.

Fear can be a paralyzing force that stops you dead in your tracks.  It can prevent you from making choices that could positively affect your life.  

Have you ever thought about changing careers or starting your own business, but were afraid that you would fail for one reason or another?  

The frightening theme continues with an article by Stephanie Taylor Christenson found in Forbes entitled "6 Fear-Driven Money Moves That Sabotage Your Net Worth".

Our listener question deals with someone who is afraid of revealing too much personal financial information to a friend.  We can definitely help there.

All of this terror is happening on this episode of the 2 Money Guys Podcast!



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