February 28, 2019

Monetize Your Broadcast: #011

Whether you are a blogger with an e-course, a business trying to reach your clients, or an entertainer trying connect with your audience, live streaming is the way you interact.  What if you could take live streaming to the next level and monetize your streams in a virtual marketplace while connecting with your audience like never before?

In this episode, we sit down with Glen Geller of Symposium, a company making it possible to create one-to-one an one-to-many presentations without expensive equipment and overhead.  Presentations that can be monetized and targeted to your specific audience.  Presentations that can be placed in a virtual marketplace for visitors to find and purchase.

We discuss the technology and strategies behind Symposium that make it a versatile and unique tool for almost anyone who wants to reach more people with their products or brand.

Visit Symposium's website for more information.



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